created by Alethea Sholomenko

hollywood north

log line

Maxe is a talented writer navigating the male dominated film industry while balancing her responsibility to her dysfunctional family.


Maxe, living with her best friend, Jesse, is busy partying and pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles when her younger brother calls with disturbing news. Their abusive, alcoholic father is out of prison and has forcefully moved back in with her mother. Maxe decides to immediately return home to Vancouver in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

An old friend, CJ, awaits her arrival at the airport. We discover through CJ’s eyes that Maxe left abruptly without a trace two years ago. They have a lot to catch up on.

Upon entering her childhood home, a domestic dispute with Dad erupts. Her father is carried off by the police just before her ex-boyfriend, Andrew, arrives to try to take care of her. Although it is clear there is still something there, she resists the old connection.

In desperation, Maxe decides to go out for a drink and quickly ends up in an older man’s bed. The next morning, after grabbing the cash from his wallet and sneaking out, Maxe gets a phone call about a job interview. Things start to look up... before she arrives at the interview to see the boss is the man she was with the night before.

genre:                      dramedy

target audience:             adults

length:                      ten mins

budget:                        $tenK 

created by Alethea Sholomenko

created by Alethea Sholomenko

created by Alethea Sholomenko

created by Alethea Sholomenko

created by Alethea Sholomenko

the characters

created by Alethea Sholomenko

the world

The sunshine of California and the clouds of the Northwest Pacific create a world ripping at the seams. 

the production


The film was shot in both Vancouver and in LA. Alethea wanted the very different energies that both cities have to offer and did not want to compromise or fake the authenticity. This proved to be both challenging and rewarding from a story and production side. As the dust has settled all of the producers agree that it brings the film a certain something that made the efforts well worth their energy and time.

film crew

In the same vein as locations, shooting in two different countries also meant hiring two full production crews. Thankfully both LA and Vancouver are heavily stocked with very skilled filmmakers. The project ended up having a very dynamic and eclectic group of creative backers. It is wonderful to see a single community being built over the filmmaking process. In Hollywood North there were two! 

gear package

The dichotomy of a sparkling LA vs. a bleak Vancouver was told using two very different gear packages. On the south side of the border the crew used a Canon C200 with a variety of Quasar LEDs and an Arri skylight. In Vancouver it was back to the nitty gritty basics with a Sony A7R2/A6300/A9 Mirrorless SLR camera kit. The final product draws a stark contrast between the two worlds - mission accomplished.

directed by
Connor Lang

Canadian born and bred, Connor began making films when he was 10 years old. It was an immediate love affair and he has been pursuing the craft tirelessy since. His goal is to always be directing films that showcase emotionally dramatic narrative plot lines that intersect with explosive spectacle.


His passions include writing, spending time with the ones whom he loves the most, and soaking in the beauty of the great outdoors.

created by Alethea Sholomenko

film festivals

Hollywood North will be submitted to dozens of nation wide and international TV pilot film festivals. The genre and theme of the pilot fit the guide lines of a wide range of possibilities in the festival circuit and part of the film's budget will be put aside for entrance fees.

film promotion

network distribution

Alethea and company will pitch Hollywood North to Television Networks and independent distributors alike as the show continues down the long road of development. The machine of network television is always changing as are the tactics for pitching. 



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