"I See the Deep End"
a film by connor lang

"I See The Deep End" is a bohemian love story set in the trials of street musician and young father, Parker. He may have the biological role of Dad, but his embrace to the responsibility of his son, Benjamin, is a far cry from naturally occurring. His girlfriend, only marginally out of adolescence herself, adds the weight of responsibility on his shoulders and his tendency to self-medicate threatens their stability. 


When Alexis finds out that she is pregnant, Parker begins a night of true introspection and tribulation.

the script:

format: short film

duration: ten mins

distribution: festivals
reference:  "rent"+"once"

genre: indie-drama

budget: $600

writer & director 
Connor Lang

Canadian born and bred, Connor began making films when he was 10 years old. It was an immediate love affair and he has been pursuing the craft tirelessly since. His writing is his expression and his directing is his discipline.

He lives for the ones whom he loves the most and the blessing of each new day.

the world

The urban life is busy, crowded, and the there is always room to get lost in the endless possibilities of potential chaos. "I See The Deep End" is set against the back drop of Vancouver's West End. Unlike some of the poverty stricken neighborhoods of YVR, the West End is known for the quiet maple trees, eccentric tourists, and gorgeous natural views. Those who do fall below the poverty line are few and far between and find their place on a very thin strip of Denman St. between Robson & Davie.


A cityscape after dark is filled with all sorts of characters and stories.

gear package

The film will be shot avant-garde using the documentary centric CANON C200 camera. The lenses will be manually pulled by the cinematographer while the director watches from a small monitor. 

film crew

As intimate as the story is, so to shall the film crew be. There will be a cinematographer, onset sound engineer, production designer, and a single makeup artist. The team will be a mixture of old and new faces to the joyline lineup.


The filmmakers will shoot in the neighborhood as if they own it. The West End of Vancouver will represent itself and the interior sets of the story will be sourced from the apartments of cast and crew. 



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