The Road

Log Line

A lonely musician distances himself from his family while actualizing his dreams.

The Story

The Road is an edgy, heart wrenching musical drama about potential, loneliness, and the sacrifices we make while pursuing our dreams. Touring musician, Lance Christopher, takes us along for the ride with his ongoing battle between growing success and isolation in his personal life. Through his love for music he shows us that no matter how dark things get, there is always hope if you follow your heart.

Genre:                                         Drama
Target Audience:                     Musicians
                                       Road Warriors

Length:                                       8 Mins
Distribution:                    Film Festivals
Budget:                                             $0

Joey Munroe is

Lance Christopher

The World

The Road uses actual locations such as music festivals and hotels, as opposed to staged sets. This, along with filming dozens of festival employees and thousands of attendees as extras, creates an authentic look and feel for the series. The producers uniquely blend a documentary style filming technique along with artistic cinematic shots to give the show a one of a kind realistic style. 


The Road was shot in Bonnyville, Alberta. The small town / low population density was a perfect fit for the story. A hotel scene was shot in the local Best Western and the music festival location was out at the Bonnyville Rodeo Grounds. All of the locals that interacted with the filmmakers during the shoot were friendly and were generous hosts.

Film Crew

The term 'skeleton crew' would be an understatement. The film's writer/director (Connor Lang) was also the camera operator and shared editing responsibilities with actor/writer/producer Joey Munroe. The two were fortunate enough to meet a secondary camera operator along the way (Sean Smith) who was attending the festival as an event videographer. It may take a village to raise a child, but it only took a couple of crazed/sleep deprived filmmakers to create "The Road."

Gear Package

Director and cinematographer Connor Lang's primary weapon of choice for the project was his Canon C200. The camera is the perfect tool for single operator shooting and the small gear package proved to be just right. As for glass, the Canon L Series 24mm-70mm F2.8 was also the solo barrel used for the primary camera. For the secondary camera, Sean was operating a Sony FS7. He was able to provide some very beautiful high frame rate/slow motion shots that added a definite cinematic quality to the production. There was one LED used in one shot - see if you can find it...

Connor Lang

Canadian born and bred, Connor began making films when he was 10 years old. It was an immediate love affair and he has been pursuing the craft tirelessly since. His goal is to always be directing films that showcase emotionally dramatic narrative plot lines that intersect with explosive spectacle.


His passions include writing, spending time with the ones whom he loves the most, and soaking in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Joey Munroe

Creativity incarnate.
Joey Munroe is a passionate actor, film producer, and screenwriter from Cawston, BC. His love of the arts and desire to entertain have served him well, bringing energy, vision, and drive to his community of like-minded creators. Joey is a conqueror of industry and his multi-faceted list of talents continue to develop and propel him to a very bright future.

His mission is to effect people across the world through stories to help them better understand themselves in order to bring them closer to the ones they love.

He loves making movies (period.)

Film Festivals

With hopes of entering into the most prestigious film festivals, "The Road" will be distributed as such. Depending on which festivals the film is accepted to, Connor & Joey will travel the circuit and, with the right opportunity, pitch the short as concept footage for a spin-off television show.

Local Distribution

As with any arthouse, self-expression filled piece of film work, Connor & Joey will continue to show people "The Road" on their laptops, phones, tablets, library computers, etc. Do you know anyone who would like to watch "The Road?" Contact the filmmakers and they will be happy to provide a link.


Mudfest is a 4-day mud and music festival located in Bonnyville, Alberta. In addition to nightly performers, there is a variety of mud racing and truck demolition.  Thanks to the partnership with Mudfest, the crew was able to access all of the behind-the-scenes and difficult to access venues for filming.




Knowledgebook is an invaluable software application that elevated the project through clarity of vision and project organization. From sharing still frame homage targets to organizing media assets, Knowledgebook was a staple of  "The Road".



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